Our vineyard

A special Vineyard

Clos le Joncal is situated between the valleys of the river Dordogne and the river Dropt and the geology of this section of the Appellation controlée of Bergerac is very important for the vines. There is a dominance of a chalky soil on a base of clay, good for the white grapes and a clay soil with flints on the plateau for the red grapes.

Although the average height of the vineyard is quite elevated, the terrain is hilly and well-drained. The village of St.Julien D’Eymet, where you will find Clos le Joncal is situated on a sunny south-facing hillside, which is perfect for the ripening of the grapes.

All the vines of Clos le Joncal are planted on the hillsides surrounding the village of St.Julien, and the Winery lies in the centre of the village. After the harvest the grapes are quickly transferred into the wine vats “ les cuves” to begin the fermentation, limiting the risk of oxidation.

Our Vines:


The oldest white grape of the appellation Bergerac, essential in all great white wines of the Southwest. At the base of sweet white wines with noble rot, it is also in dry white wines: “Clos le Joncal” and “Alpha du Joncal”. Located on the plots “Tuquet” (planting in 1988) and “Franciment” (planting in 1954), it occupies a little more than 2 ha.


White Sauvignon and Grey Sauvignon:

Varietal characteristic of many white wines, its very particular scent is essential to obtain an aromatic complexity. The sauvignon gris, or pink, occupies 40 acres on the plot of “Tuquet” and participates in the assembly of the vintage “Alpha du Joncal ” up to 40% on average.



Very old variety but declining, because of its susceptibility to diseases of the vine. Meeting other varieties of the Southwest, it provides a very pleasant fruity with notes of musk and cinnamon. 40 acres are planted on the plot of “Tuquet”, and this variety between about 20% in the batch “Alpha du Joncal”.



The most important red grape of the appellation Bergerac, it joined more than 60% of all red wines produced in the Clos le Joncal. The plot of Fontette (1.5 ha) planted in 1984 is the basis of the vintage “Mirage du Joncal.” There are also three other plots on the farm: “L’Escourou” (60 acres planted in 1974), “Arnetou” (50 acres planted in 1997), and “La Piste” (75 acres planted in 1999).


Cabernet sauvignon:

Remarkable in some plots that allow it to reach full maturity, it is one of the world’s most famous wines. This variety is still assembled in the wines of Clos le Joncal and is located on the plot of “Le Caveau” (90 acres planted in 2001) and “Arnetou” (80 acres planted in 1996).


Cabernet franc:

Known for many years in the Southwest, it is a very productive and very aromatic grape. A plot of 50 acres planted in 1974 at “L’Escourou” in the composition of the wines, and the plot of “La Piste”, 75 acres were planted in 2000 at a density of 6700 vines/ha in order to obtain optimum quality in a few years.