Our story

The origins of the vineyard

The vineyard “Clos le Joncal” , situated 15km south of Bergerac in the village of St Julien D’Eymet, has a long tradition of wine-making and the ancestors of Joëlle Tatard were already making wine there, as far back as 1775.

In 1994, after spending 20 years as a Fighter Pilot in the French Air force – “l’Armée de l’Air”- Roland Tatard took the bold decision to start a new career as a wine-maker. So, after retiring from the Air Force, Roland and Joëlle took up the reins of the family business, Clos le Joncal.

After the harvest of 1995 they made their first wine in the ancient farm buildings of “Joncal” After a total renovation of the beautiful old stables and the original 19th century wine store, Joëlle and Roland installed the latest wine-making equipment to create the Clos le Joncal Winery that you can visit today and taste their wonderful wines.

The vineyard has steadily grown, originally only 3.5 hectares, today there are 9 hectares of Organic vines – 6 hectares of red grapes and 3 hectares of white grapes.

Roland’ s long career in the Air force and his love of flying inspired the names for the 3 top Joncal wines – “Mirage “, “Alpha” and “Mystère”. You can also enjoy, four more wonderful wines, each with their own individual character, Les Hauts de Fontette, AOC Côtes de Bergerac Rouge, and AOC Bergerac Sec and the Clos le Joncal Rosé.

A successful revival of Clos le Joncal

The superb wines of Joncal have rapidly grown in popularity and they are now being enjoyed all over the local region of the Perigord and across Europe. This successful revitalisation of an ancient vineyard, and the creation of very special, pure, organic wines is due to the commitment and passion of Roland and Joëlle in the years since they took over the vineyard Clos le Joncal.

Clos le Joncal has been worked using Organic methods since 1998 and Roland and Joëlle have continued to focus on producing top quality wines without the use of any chemical additives in the vineyard and in the winery. In 2009 the vineyard was accredited as an Organic vineyard.

After the sad loss of Roland in 2011 Joëlle made the brave decision to continue to work in the vineyard and the winery, as generations of her family have done before her. Joëlle is developing the original range of great organic wines, and incorporating her own ideas into the business. The dream of Joëlle and Roland – the re-birth of Clos le Joncal and the creation of an Organic vineyard – has now become a reality.