L’amour de la terre

« Our belief is that a good wine means, above all, pleasure – we take the greatest of care when we produce our wines and we hope that our clients will enjoy drinking them – that is our main aim. »

The Organic choice

To be accepted as an Organic vineyard is far more than just gaining a certificate, it is a commitment by the wine-producer to use a method of agriculture and wine production that is totally without the use of any chemicals, and above all to have a respect for nature and for our earth.

We care for our vines, using only techniques that will help them to be healthy and give them a long life.

We offer our clients wines that are pure, organic and kind to their digestive system.

Our main objective is to produce wonderful wine that tastes superb. We use a production process that is carefully monitored at every single stage, so that each bottle of wine is of the highest quality.

We believe that 95% of the taste of any wine results from the quality of the grapes – so for this reason each one of our vines is touched by hand 10 times throughout the season, from the initial pruning in January through to the final harvesting of the grapes in the autumn. The unwanted leaves are removed by hand, so the grapes gain more sunshine and the vines are deflowered manually in the early part of the season, to ensure that all the flavour and strength of the vine is concentrated into the very best grapes which remain on the vine. We work hard every day to produce very special, top quality wines.

The Organic Method

Roland and Joëlle were totally against the industrial methods of wine production with the widespread use of chemicals, so from 1998 they mapped out the areas of vines that were to become organic. Their ambition was to return to the traditional methods of agriculture without the use of any chemicals or herbicides, so that the vineyard could be passed onto future generations with the soils completely free of any pollution.

The process was checked and monitored over a period of 11 years and in 2009 Clos le Joncal gained the ECOCERT attestation – they became an Organic vineyard in their methods of agriculture and wine-production.